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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The saying rings true. This photograph is of my grandfather. I took this while goofing around one day with the first decent camera that I purchased as a way to hold on to the memories of my quickly growing children. Grandpa was just a good all around person: honest, faithful, loving, and the list goes on. To a person who didn’t know him, a thousand words is probably the better way to communicate who he was, but for those who knew and

loved him, this picture is worth far more than words. He is no longer with us, but when I see this image, I remember. I don’t need the words; it all just comes back like a wave. That’s my grandpa. This is probably my favorite picture because of what it communicates to me. This is what made me want to pursue photography as a profession. This is more than a good image to me.  I captured the person for a moment and doing so has become my passion.

As a photographer, I try to find beauty in the less obvious place.  I look for a new perspective on the familiar; for that smirk, laugh, or even seriousness that tells me about the person.  The pictures I love the most are always in between poses or when people don’t even know that I’m photographing them.  When the guard of self image is slightly removed and the person we all know emerges, that is where the beautiful shot truly lies.

Newfound gap.jpg
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